January News

Hello RDDI Families,  

Happy New Year!!!! We hope everyone had a great holiday season and are ready for an amazing 2019. Classes will resume Monday January 7, 2019. We would like to thank everyone that participated in our annual fundraiser for The Sick Kids Foundation and our RDDI toy drive. We beat our goal raising $1055 for the foundation and filling 9 bags of toys. We are so proud to be a part of a community that works together to help others and cannot express our gratitude for your support and generosity. A few things in this month’s newsletter, so please take a few minutes to read below. 

December’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Hanna!!! Hanna has shown so much dedication and growth in such a short amount of time that she has been in my ballet class. She always comes to class in perfect uniform, ready to work and focuses on any given task. Hanna’s smile and positivity always brightens the room, she shows such passion when she dances, and always applies herself. Congratulations and keep up the amazing work!!!! ~ Ms. Adrianna 

Promo of the Month

January’s Promo of the month will be UNLIMITTED DANCE CLASSES AND BRING A FRIEND!!! Since it is the start of a new year we would like to promote the importance of being active and invite all dancers and their friends to take advantage of this month’s promotion. For the month of January all RDDI students can take any class they are currently not enrolled in, and bring a friend for FREE. This will allow the dancers to take a new class for the entire month without any cost, as well as for the dancers to share their passion with a friend who does not attend RDDI. Attached is a schedule with all of the classes we offer. All we ask is that the dancers do not come to any of the company classes, unless the class is not offered recreationally, for example Lyrical.


As costumes begin to arrive the dancers will try them on to ensure they fit, and if all accounts are paid in full, the dancers will be able to take them home. We will inform you if there is a balance to be paid and will not give out the costumes in class unless all dancers can take them home. Please do not allow your child/ren to wear their costumes until photo day, for we will not be able to order a replacement if the costume is ruined or lost. Lastly, if you would like us to save you some money and order tights that will be needed for recital, please email the office by Jan. 19, 2019, so we can place the order in time for recital.

Photo Day

Please book off Saturday April 13, 2019 for our 5th annual photo day. We would love to ensure ALL dancers are included in this exciting day, so please join us regardless of if you purchase a package. More information regarding photo day will be released shortly.  

We are very exciting for the upcoming year and are grateful to be surrounded by such incredible dancers and great families. Thank you for supporting and believing in our vision of sharing the love of dance with others. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this month's newsletter please feel free to contact the office.  

Happy dancing :)  

December News

Thank you to everyone who has supported our toy drive and fundraiser for The Sick Kids Foundation. To ensure we reach our goal of $1000 we will be selling raffle tickets until intermission at Winter Showcase, and will also be collecting unwrapped toys until then. If you haven’t already done so, please visit the office to see the incredible items valued at over $550. Tickets are only 2 for $5 and 5 for $10 and all of the money goes towards this amazing foundation. 

November’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Madelyne!!!! Working with Madelyne in her private lesson has been an honour. Her joy for dancing shines through in her work ethic. She is always up for a challenge and works hard until she gets it right. I have seen big improvements in her dancing this season and despite a recent injury, she has come back super strong and ready to give 110%. That passion is very important in the development of these young dancers. It will show up on stage and in life. Congratulations and keep it up Maddie!!! ~Ms. Erica 

Promo of the Month

Since we would like meet our goal for the Sick Kids foundation, we have decided to donate $5 for every $10 purchased in raffle tickets. We will also be donating s toy for every item we receive for the toy drive and giving one raffle ticket for each donation made. Please see the office if you have already donated for the toy drive to collect your free raffle ticket and also visit the office if you bring an item in.  

Winter Showcase Tickets

Tickets for our 5th annual Winter Showcase, Friday December 14, 2018 at 7pm, are now on sale. Tickets are $10 each, and the payment option is CASH ONLY. All accounts must be paid in full, including December’s tuition which is now due, in order for any family member to purchase tickets.

Winter Showcase Information

‎Dancers are to arrive at the studio for 6:30pm SHARP, so we can begin the show at 7pm. There will be a sign in/out sheet that one parent must sign in order to drop off/ pick up their child. If you would like your child to watch the show once they are done dancing, you must sign in and out when dropping them off. If your child has more than two routines unfortunately they will not be able to watch the show, for they will not have enough time. Once the show is over, the parents will meet their children in the studio building to sign them out before they leave for the night, unless you have already done so when dropping them off. In order to keep things organized and safe for our students, there will be NO PARENTS ALLOWED in the studio building until the show is over.    

I know December is a busy time of year, but please let us know if you/your child will not be able to attend the Winter Showcase so it can be noted for planning. Attached is a show order with each dancer’s name. Please review the order to ensure your child/ren is listed in all of their dances and that their names are spelled correctly. To make things easier for the dancers, if they take Ballet they will keep their pink tights on for the entire show and place shorts or leggings on top if needed. Once the show is over we encourage all dancers to join us on stage for a final dance party of 2018.


Since we are celebrating our 5th season we have decided to have our videographer present and to have DVDs available for purchase. For more info please contact the office.  


The studio will be closed from Saturday December 15, 2018 to Saturday January 5, 2019 and classes will resume on Monday January 7, 2019.   

If you have any questions or concerns about December’s news please feel free to call or email the office.  

Happy Dancing :)

November News

Thank you to all of the dancers that participated in our Halloween Celebrations. Each RDDI faculty member has picked their favorite costume and those students will receive a $5 gift card, which can be collected in the office this week before your class. This year we also added a social media favorite to allow the students and parents to participate in voting for their favorite costume and all the winners can be seen on our social media accounts or on the bulletin board in the hallway.  

October’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Varo!!!! Varo continues to show his passion, dedication and discipline during class. He’s always focused on the task given and does not allow any distractions to get in the way of his training. He’s a great role model for the students as he leads by example. Congratulations and keep working hard!!! ~Mr. Michael 

Promo of the Month

November’s promo is 20% off of RDDI apparel. Anything in stock can be taken the day of your purchase and everything else will be ordered. We are hoping to have our order in before the holidays, but to make that happen we will need to submit the order by Nov. 15, 2018. We will continue to offer the promotion until the end of the month, but any orders placed after the 15th will not be in until the New Year.  

Annual Fundraiser for Sick Kids

It’s that time of year again and we would like everyone’s help in raising money for the Sick Kids Foundation. Last year we beat our goal of $600 and raised $800 and so for this year I would like us to try and raise $1000.  Starting November 19, 2018 we will be selling raffle tickets, 2 for $5 or 5 for $10, which can to be entered to win any of our prizes, all valued at $25 or more. All of the prizes will be posted on our Social Media accounts @rhythmdynamicsdanceinc, and we encourage everyone to reach out to your family and friends to help us achieve our $1000 goal. If anyone would like to donate an item for the raffle table please contact the office. All of the proceeds from the raffle will go to the Sick Kids Foundation, so please join us in giving back to an organization that has helped, and continues to help many children!!! 

Annual Toy Drive

Along with the fundraiser for Sick Kids Foundation, we will also be having a toy drive for children in the community. Last year we collected 7 re-usable grocery bags and hopefully this year we can do the same if not better.  If you would like to participate we ask that you purchase any toy, age group newborns to 13, and place it unwrapped in the box under our Christmas tree. We will be collecting toys until Friday Dec. 14, 2018 and appreciate all donations.  

Winter Showcase Raffle and Ticket Sale

Our 5th annual Winter Showcase is rapidly approaching on Friday December 14, 2018 at 7pm. Since it is the season for giving, we will have a FREE raffle during intermission and at the end of the show. Tickets will be on sale Saturday December 1, 2018, will be $10 per ticket and CASH ONLY.  

Ms. Erica’s exciting new opportunity

It brings me so much joy to announce that Ms. Erica has been casted as a lead dancer at the Tokyo Disney amusement park and sadly will be leaving in January. We are so proud and excited for her, for this has been a goal of hers for many years. We are always telling the dancers to set goals and dream big and Ms. Erica’s opportunity is the perfect example that with hard work and a positive mind you can make your dreams a reality. We are currently in the process of interviewing for a replacement and hope to have the new instructor join us for the month of December, so the transition is smooth and comfortable for all of the dancers involved. We wish you all the best Ms. Erica!!!  


Just a reminder that the studio will be from Saturday Dec. 15, 2018 to Saturday January 5, 2019 and classes will resume on Monday January 7, 2019. 

If you have any questions regarding November’s News, please do not hesitate to call or email the office.  

Happy Dancing :)

October News

Hello RDDI Families,

Thank you for a great start to our 5th season!!! To all of the dancers that participated in September’s Promo of the Month, we hope everyone had as much fun as we did, and hope you will all join us again in January for another month of unlimited classes. Please take a few minutes to read below.

2018/2019 Schedule

We would like to thank everyone for their patience with this year’s schedule. September is always a crazy month for us and we appreciate all of your co-operation! Attached is a revised and final schedule for the season. This schedule will be in effect as of today so please review it to make sure you are aware of any changes. If you child is not registered, please do so this week, so we can begin planning for Winter Showcase.

Student of the Month

September’s Student of the Month is Sophia !!! Sophia has only been a student of RDDI for two years, but her dedication and commitment to her craft is constantly visible. Sophia always works hard in class and is respectful to her classmates and teachers. I am so excited to see your growth this season and am proud to nominate you as September’s student of the month. Congratulations Sophia and keep working hard!!!~Ms. Daniela

Promo of the Month

October’s promo of the month is 50% off of Birthday Parties. In celebrating our 5th season it only seems right to bring more celebrations to RDDI and what a better way than birthday celebrations! By booking your birthday party this month, you will receive 50% off. For more information please contact the office.

Uniform and Code of Conduct

Since it is now October, all dancers must be in full uniform for each and every one of their classes. If any dancers need help with their buns please arrive 15 mins prior, with all hair supplies, and see Ms. Angie for assistance. Attached is the RDDI uniform and our Code of Conduct, which must be signed and returned to the office by Tuesday October 9, 2018. 


We will be celebrating Halloween from Wednesday October 24 to Tuesday October 30, 2018, for the studio will be CLOSED ON HALLOWEEN. Throughout the week each faculty member will pick their favourite costume and on Thursday November 1, 2018 the winners will be announced on our Social Media Accounts, @rhythmdynamicsdanceinc. The students selected will win a prize, so we encourage all dancers to participate in the fun and dress up for all classes.

Thanksgiving Weekend

We will be CLOSED Saturday October 6 to Monday October 8, 2018 for Thanksgiving weekend. Classes will resume on Tuesday October 9, 2018.


This is a friendly reminder that tuition is due on the first of each month, and each day it is late a $2 per day fee is added to your account. If for some reason you are unable to make payment on the first, please inform the office in advance. Just a reminder that we don’t take credit cards, only cash, cheques or e-transfers.

Costume Deposits

Costume deposits are due November 1, 2018, unless you have already combined all your fees into your monthly tuition. This is a friendly reminder to add $80 per class, in you November tuition.

Photo Day

Our annual photo day is booked for Saturday April 13, 2019 and we are excited to move the location of our photos to the auditorium instead of the gym. More information on photo day will be sent closer to the date, but we are hoping everyone will be present and wanted to give as much notice as possible so you can save the date. 

If you have any questions regarding the October’s News please do not hesitate to call or email the office.

Happy Dancing :)

September News

Hello RDDI Families,  

I hope everyone enjoyed these final days of summer, and is ready for the first week back to school!  We cannot wait for our fifth season to begin, on Monday September 10, 2018, and are so excited to celebrate all year long. Attached is a REVISED schedule. We apologize for any changes and hope the schedule will stay as listed, but like every season this depends on our enrollment.

Promo Of The Month

September’s promotion with be unlimited dance classes and bring a friend! Since the first month is always crazy we decided to give our dancers the opportunity to try all classes for the entire month regardless of the age/level. We currently do not offer a recreational Lyrical class therefore dancers interested in this style can come to the Company class on Wednesdays at 5pm. If after September we have 4 or more dancers interested in joining we are more than happy to open a rec class. If you have any questions regarding the promo please feel free to ask.

Registration & Tuition

If you haven’t yet registered for the 2018/2019 dance season we will be at the studio Wednesday September 5th from 5pm to 7pm. A $30 registration fee, as well as September’s tuition will be due, and going forward your monthly tuition is due on the 1st of every month, with payment method options of cash, cheques or e-transfers.

Referral Credits

To celebrate our 5th season we have changed our referral rewards to give back even more. Any family that refers a new student, who registers for the season, will receive their second class for FREE!!! This is over a $400 value that we will give away all season long to thank you for your positive word of mouth and for supporting RDDI.

Uniform/ Code Of Conduct

Each class has a specific uniform that must be worn to ensure the dancers are safe and comfortable. Attached is a list of the uniform for each class and our Code of Conduct. If you have not already read and signed a 2018/2019 Code of Conduct, please do so and bring it to the office prior to your first class. Since the dancers will be trying multiple classes, uniform will not be enforced until October, but at that point if a student is not in uniform they may be asked to sit out, so please ensure your children come to class prepared.    

Welcome or welcome back to RDDI and thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your dance educators! We are very excited for the upcoming season and look forward to continuing to share our passion and creativity with our talented dancers. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email the office.

Happy Dancing :)