January News

Hello RDDI Families,  

Happy New Year!!!! We hope everyone had a great holiday season and are ready for an amazing 2019. Classes will resume Monday January 7, 2019. We would like to thank everyone that participated in our annual fundraiser for The Sick Kids Foundation and our RDDI toy drive. We beat our goal raising $1055 for the foundation and filling 9 bags of toys. We are so proud to be a part of a community that works together to help others and cannot express our gratitude for your support and generosity. A few things in this month’s newsletter, so please take a few minutes to read below. 

December’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Hanna!!! Hanna has shown so much dedication and growth in such a short amount of time that she has been in my ballet class. She always comes to class in perfect uniform, ready to work and focuses on any given task. Hanna’s smile and positivity always brightens the room, she shows such passion when she dances, and always applies herself. Congratulations and keep up the amazing work!!!! ~ Ms. Adrianna 

Promo of the Month

January’s Promo of the month will be UNLIMITTED DANCE CLASSES AND BRING A FRIEND!!! Since it is the start of a new year we would like to promote the importance of being active and invite all dancers and their friends to take advantage of this month’s promotion. For the month of January all RDDI students can take any class they are currently not enrolled in, and bring a friend for FREE. This will allow the dancers to take a new class for the entire month without any cost, as well as for the dancers to share their passion with a friend who does not attend RDDI. Attached is a schedule with all of the classes we offer. All we ask is that the dancers do not come to any of the company classes, unless the class is not offered recreationally, for example Lyrical.


As costumes begin to arrive the dancers will try them on to ensure they fit, and if all accounts are paid in full, the dancers will be able to take them home. We will inform you if there is a balance to be paid and will not give out the costumes in class unless all dancers can take them home. Please do not allow your child/ren to wear their costumes until photo day, for we will not be able to order a replacement if the costume is ruined or lost. Lastly, if you would like us to save you some money and order tights that will be needed for recital, please email the office by Jan. 19, 2019, so we can place the order in time for recital.

Photo Day

Please book off Saturday April 13, 2019 for our 5th annual photo day. We would love to ensure ALL dancers are included in this exciting day, so please join us regardless of if you purchase a package. More information regarding photo day will be released shortly.  

We are very exciting for the upcoming year and are grateful to be surrounded by such incredible dancers and great families. Thank you for supporting and believing in our vision of sharing the love of dance with others. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this month's newsletter please feel free to contact the office.  

Happy dancing :)