June News

Hello RDDI Families,

Our 4th annual recital is just around the corner, and we are so proud of your children and all of the hard work they have put into their dance routines. Since this will be our last newsletter of the season, below are May and June’s student of the month and a few other important details.

May’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Allyannah!!! Allyannah has shown so much growth this season in both Acro and Hip Hop. She is new to dance, but her determination and efforts in class would make you think that she has been dancing for years. Allyannah is always smiling and gives it her all each week. She shows so much potential, is developing great skills, and is a pleasure to teach. Congratulations Allyannah and keep up the good work! ~Ms. Daniela

June’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Melanie!!! Adult dancers always have a special place in my heart, for it takes such courage and commitment to attend class weekly and perform in a show, while leading such busy lives. Melanie’s positive attitude and eagerness to learn is only a few of the many reasons I have selected her. She comes to class each week ready to take on whatever challenging steps I throw at her, and is determined to perfect them. I am so grateful for the adults at RDDI and Melanie is a great example of the incredible adults I am blessed to teach. Congratulations Melanie and keep up the good work!!! ~Ms. Daniela

Promo of the Month

June’s promo of the month is Pre- Register for the 2018/2019 dance season and save the $25 registration fee and receive a FREE gift. Attached is a tentative schedule. Please know things may change depending on enrollment, but we will try our best to stick to the schedule, for we know you are also planning other activities for your children. 

 Ticket Sales

Tickets for both the 1pm and 6pm show will be $18+HST each, and are available for purchase. We will be accepting cash, cheque or e-transfers as payment options. Tickets will be available at the door, as long as the shows don’t sell out before then, but the cost will be $23+HST, and it will be cash only. Lastly, all accounts must be paid in full before any tickets can be purchased, excluding summer camp tuition.

Recital DVD Sales

Like mentioned in the May news we have decided to go with a new videographer, due to all of the issues we had last season. Our videographer has many years of experience with dance competition and is also providing us with four additional stage lights to help resolve the lighting issues. Attached is an order form. All orders must be in by Thursday June 21st, 2018 to ensure we can have the DVD’s produced and ready for pick up ASAP.

Dance Camps

All students interested in full day dance camps; where the children will try all genres of dance and put on a small performance for their family and friends at the end of each week, must be registered by June 15, 2018, so we can plan for staff and supplies. These camps are mandatory for all Company members and students interested in competition for next season, for we will begin some of our routines throughout the week. Payment for Summer Camps will not be due until the month of camp. (July/August)

Year End Showcase

We ask that all students arrive dressed in their first costume for 12:30pm SHARP for the 1pm show, and 5:30pm SHARP for the 6pm show. Both shows will be the same, therefore all dancers are required to be present for both the 1pm and 6pm show. All dancers must leave the premises in between shows to allow us to clean and set up for the evening show. Only the parent volunteers will be allowed downstairs for safety reasons, so like the Winter Showcase you will sign your child in and then sign them out once you pick them up at the end of each show. If your child is in less than 3 dances they are able to watch the show for free, but you will sign them in/out when you drop them off, so we know they are accounted for at the end of the night.

Please feel free to call or email the office with any questions or concerns and thank you for another great season!

Happy Dancing :)