June News

Hello RDDI Families,

Our 5th annual recital is just around the corner, and we are so proud of your children’s continuous growth and all of the hard work they have put into their routines. Since this will be our last newsletter of the season, below are May and June’s student of the month, and a few important details. 

May’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Tabitha!!!! Tabitha has been so helpful and has been working so hard this month! It is her last month before college and she is giving it her all! She is always helping her friends and asking questions so she can improve! Thank you Tabitha for being so great and helpful! Congratulations Tabitha and keep up the good work!!! ~Ms. Julia 

June’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Mya!!! Mya always walks into the building with a beautiful smile on her face and stops by the office to say hi. She makes a point of talking to everyone in the hallway regardless if they are in her class, and when she is waiting for her class to begin, she watches and cheers for her fellow students. Mya you are a joy to be around and keep smiling, for it is contagious. Congratulations Mya and keep up the good work!!! ~Ms. Angie 

Promo of the Month

June’s promo of the month is Pre- Register for the 2019/2020 dance season, save the $25 registration fee and receive a FREE gift. Attached is a tentative schedule. Please know things may change depending on enrollment, but we will try our best to stick to the schedule, for we know you are also planning other activities for your children.   

Ticket Sales

Tickets for both the 1pm and 6pm show will be $18+HST each, and are available for purchase. We will be accepting cash, cheque or e-transfers as payment options. Tickets will be available at the door, as long as the shows don’t sell out before then, but the cost will be $23+HST, and it will be cash only. Lastly, all accounts must be paid in full before any tickets can be purchased, excluding summer camp tuition.  

Recital DVD Sales

If you have already paid for your DVD’s at Winter Showcase you do not have to fill out a form, but if you have a balance owing please include that in your June tuition. We have brought our suggestions to the videographer and there will be a DVD menu option, as well as we met with the building to discuss lighting. We learned that for the past 5 years the entire lighting system was not be utilized during our shows, due to burned our bulbs and lack of knowledge, therefore the issue should be fixed for recital. Lastly, if interested, our videographer has offered to give a USB instead of a DVD, but the cost will be an additional $13. Please see Ms. Angie for more info.  

5th Year Students and Perfect Attendance

We will be recognizing our 5th year students at the beginning of both shows, and if you haven’t already done so we ask that you send us any dance related photos you may have, excluding our photo day photos, by Saturday June 8th, 2019. 5th year recognition is something will be doing every season moving forward, for we appreciate your support and loyalty. We will also be recognizing dancers that have had perfect attendance. This is something that is very rare and much appreciated by all the teachers, and we believe the dancers deserve to be rewarded for their commitment. I will be sending an email on Thursday June 20th, 2019 if your child qualifies for perfect attendance and they will also be recognized at the beginning our each show. 

Flower Sales at Year End Showcase

Like last season, the competitive team will be organizing flower sales, so if interested stay tuned for more info.

Year End Showcase

Attached is a show order. Please review it to make sure your child’s name is spelled correctly and that all their dances are listed. We ask that all students arrive dressed in their first costume for 12:30pm SHARP for the 1pm show, and 5:30pm SHARP for the 6pm show. Both shows will be the same, therefore all dancers are required to be present for both. All dancers must leave the premises in between shows to allow us to clean and set up for the evening show. Only the parent volunteers will be allowed downstairs for safety reasons, so like the Winter Showcase you will sign your child in and then sign them out once you pick them up at the end of each show. If your child is in less than 3 dances they are able to watch the show for free, but you will sign them in/out when you drop them off, so we know they are accounted for at the end of the night. Like every season we will have a finale where the dancers can all come on stage for a final dance party, so if possible please stay until the end and join us in on final dance.   

Please feel free to call or email the office with any questions or concerns and thank you for another great season! 

Happy Dancing :)  

May News

Hello RDDI Families,

As the dance season is rapidly coming to an end, there are a few very important things to address, so please take a couple of minutes to read below. 

April’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Georgina!!!! Georgina has shown growth in both discipline and confidence. She has been presenting good qualities for a leadership role, and she helps to bring focus to others when she is around. Congratulations Georgina and keep up the great work!!! ~ Mr.Michael 

Promo of the Month

We will be hosting our 5th annual Dance your heart out/Bring a friend week, from Monday May 27th to Saturday June 1st, 2019. All dancers can come to as many classes as they’d like free of charge, and they can also bring a friend. This is a great opportunity for the dancers to try a class they may be interested in for next season, or to simply dance all week long. Dancers can join any class regardless of the age level, for this will allow the dancers to take multiple classes in the same genre and challenge themselves if interested.  

RDDI Company

I would like to wish our Company dancers the best of luck this upcoming weekend, for they will be at The Regent Theatre in Oshawa, for the first competition of the season. If anyone is interested in coming to watch there is no cost and we would love the support. GOOD LUCK DANCERS!

Free Mats Available

We are starting to replace our mats and will be giving away the old ones. To be fair I will be leaving them in the hallway under the bench tonight for any Acro family to pick up, but ask that you only take one per family. The studio will be closed tomorrow, but you are more than welcome to come in through the daycare entrance and walk through the tunnel to our hallway. This will be first come first take.  

STUDIO CLOSED: Victoria Day Weekend

The studio will be closed Saturday May 18th, 2019 and Monday May 20th, 2019 for the Victoria Day weekend. Classes will resume on Tuesday May 22nd, 2019. We will be making up these classes and other classes we have missed throughout the season in June and a schedule will be emailed in a few weeks.  

Parent Child Dance

This is the last call for all parent’s interested in our 5th annual RDDI Parent/Child dance. So far we have a few families, but there are still spots left. Rehearsals will run Saturday June 1st from 3:30pm to 5pm and on Wednesday June 5th, 12th and 19th from 8pm to 9pm. The cost will be $50 per couple and due to spacing there will be a maximum of 15 families, so this will be first come first dance. Please email or call the office to sign up.

Year End Showcase

Our 5th annual year end showcase will be on Saturday June 22nd, 2019. Like last year we will have two shows, 1pm and 6pm, and all dancers will be required to be present for both. Recital tickets, as well as DVD orders will be available to order as of June 1st, 2019. More information about the video and ticket sales will be provided in the June Newsletter.

5th Year Students and Students with Perfect Attendance

To show our appreciation for your loyalty and support in helping us make our dreams come true, we would like to honour all our 5th year students at recital and ask for you to email or bring in a USB with any personal dance related photos. We will also be celebrating the dancers that have showed their commitment and have had perfect attendance in at least one of their classes. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact the office.    

Please feel free to call or email the office with any questions or concerns.

Happy Dancing :)

April News

Hello RDDI families,

A few things below, including information about photo day and Recital, so please read.

Photo Day- Saturday April 13, 2019

If you have not requested a trick shot all dancers will receive one standard full body photo and one close up, which we will review in class this week. A schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway so if you haven’t already done so please review it and arrive 15 prior to the time scheduled.  This year we are on a tight schedule due to another event taking place at 1pm, so if the dancers are not on time, unfortunately we will not be able to wait for them.

No parents are allowed in the auditorium, where we will be shooting, or in the studio lobby. If your child needs assistance changing, one female adult may assist them in the studios, for that is where the dancers will be. A reminder no personal photographs of other dancers are to be taken while waiting, for we must respect the privacy of the families attending. Also, no group photos are to be posted on social media, for many families have not given their consent, therefore legal action may be taken.

 Adjusting Costumes/ Tights Needed

Please try on all costumes and if any minor adjustments, such as straps, need to be made, please bring them in and see Angie this week. Keep in mind that all costumes are ordered according to the dancers measurements and will not fit perfectly, for they are not custom made. If you require more than straps being adjusted you must take the costume to a seamstress. Also, all tights needed for photo day and recital are listed on the photo order and can be purchased in the office for $11.30.

March’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Joseph!!!! Joseph is a bright respectful young dancer. When he comes to ballet technique he applies himself in everything he tries, works hard and always pushes himself. He’s never afraid to take on a challenge. During conditioning Joseph never gives up, even when the class is at its hardest peak. Congratulations and keep up the amazing work Joseph!!!! ~ Ms. Adrianna

Promo of the Month

April’s promo of the month will be 15% off new designed apparel, excluding the yoga apparel. If you are interested in yoga apparel unfortunately it will only be what is available in the office, for we will not be placing a new order due to the past issues. All T-shirts, hoodies and sweat pants are available to order, so please see the office if interested.

Calling all PARENTS

We will be hosting our 5th annual RDDI Parent/Child dance and like always, this will be the opening act to our Recital. Due to a crazy weekend schedule rehearsals will run Saturday June 1st from 3:30pm to 5pm and on Wednesday June 5th, 12th and 19th from 8pm to 9pm. The cost will be $50 per pair and due to spacing there will be a maximum of 15 families, which will be first come first dance. Please email or call the office to sign up, for spots are limited.  

Year End Showcase 

Our 5th annual Year End Showcase will be on Saturday June 22nd, 2019. Like every year there will be two shows, 1pm and 7pm, and all dancers will be a part of both, so please book off the entire day/evening. Since it is our 5th season we will be recognizing all 5th year students, so stay tuned for more information in the May newsletter. Lastly, we invite all dancers to join us for a final dance at the end of both shows, so please stay until the end to see your child on stage one final time this season.

Easter Weekend- STUDIO CLOSED

The studio will be closed for Easter Weekend, Saturday April 20th to Monday April 22nd, 2019, and classes will resume on Tuesday April 23rd, 2019.

Please feel free to call or email the office with any questions or concerns.

Happy dancing :)

March News

Hello RDDI Families, 

Just a reminder all photo release forms need to be signed and handed into the office before Monday March 18, 2019 in order for your child to participate in Photo Day. Payments are not needed until April 8, 2019, unless you are paying by cheques, which can be postdated to April 13, 2019. Attached are the forms.

February’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Makayla!!!! Makayla has shown so much growth this season, but it is her amazing attitude and positive presence that has made her stands out. Makayla always has a smile on her face and is kind to everyone around her. She works hard in class and always pushes herself to achieve whatever new step is thrown at her. I see a lot of promise in Makayla and look forward to being a part of her continuous growth. Congratulations Makayla and keep up the great work!!! ~ Ms. Daniela

Promo of the Month

March’s promo is the opportunity to be a part of RDDI’s workshop. We will be hosting our first workshop, Saturday March 23, 2019, bringing in 5 of Toronto’s best choreographers to educate our dancers on multiple styles. This will be an all day event mandatory for all Company dancers and a great opportunity for anyone interested in company for next season. Attached and posted on the RDDI bulletin board is info on the talented choreographers that will be joining us. If your child is interested in joining us for any of the classes offered please see the office for more info.   

Photo Day- Saturday April 13, 2019

Please join us for our 5th Annual Photo Day Saturday April 13, 2019. Attached is a schedule with info on what colour tights/socks and shoes your child must wear. We will be reviewing all individual poses before photo day, so please remind your child we will only be taking an individual photo if you have purchased a package, but ALL dancers are to participate in the group photo. Also if you/your child would like a trick shot, you will only be receiving one individual photo, instead of two, for they are more time consuming and difficult to shoot. 

NOTE: All Kinder classes will run from 9am to 10am right after their photos, and all Saturday private lessons will be rescheduled. Please call or email the office to book a date/time to reschedule your private lesson or speak to Angie regarding a credit for that class. 


The studio will be closed for March Break, Monday March 11th to Saturday March 16th, 2019, and classes will resume on Monday March 18th, 2019.

 Please feel free to call or email the office with any questions or concerns.

 Happy dancing :)


February News

Hello RDDI Families, 

Thank you to all of the families that participated in January’s promo of the month, unlimited classes, for we had a great turn out and enjoyed having new dancers join us. A few things, including information regarding photo day, so please take a few minutes to read below.

January’s Student of the Month

Congratulations Brooklyn!!!! Although we’ve only just begun working together it has been an absolute pleasure. You bring so much energy and fun to your private lesson and always work so hard each and every week. Congratulations, keep up the great work, and keep being awesome!!! ~Ms. Julia

Promo of the Month

February’s promo is 15% off summer camps. All students currently in RDDI Company or interested in Company for next season must participate in our Dance Intensive Camps. Due to scheduling we will only be offering Dance Intensive Camps this season, and they will run Monday August 12 to 16, 2019 and Monday August 19 to 23, 2019. For more info please contact the office.

Photo Day- Saturday April 13, 2019

Attached is an order form which must be returned to the office by Monday Mar. 18, 2019, so we can create a schedule. We would like all dancers to participate in photo day even if you are not purchasing a package. All dancers attending will need both the top and bottom of the release form signed, in order for us to photograph your child.  

All payments will need to be payable to RDDI and only our usual methods of cash, cheques and transfers will be available. We understand the cost of photos can add up, but since we want photos to be an option for all families we have decided to offer a payment plan. Any families with more than one child, or any dancers that take more than 3 classes will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Please see the office for more info.

Family Day Weekend- STUDIO CLOSED

The studio will be closed Saturday February 16 to Monday February 18, 2019 for family day weekend. Classes will resume on Tuesday February 19, 2019.

Lastly, Mr. Michael is hosting an event on Saturday January 16, 2019 and attached is a flyer, which is also posted on the bulletin board in the hallway. If anyone is interested in attending please see Mr. Michael for more info.

Please feel free to call or email the office with any questions or concerns.

Happy dancing :)